Zoom Escaper to avoid zoom conversations

Video calls have become one of the most basic forms of communication, and Zoom has become one of the most used tools for this communication. Zoom talks have replaced face-to-face meetings in both social and business life. On the other hand, it is said to be a form of communication that can reduce efficiency and disrupt life, just like in physical meetings, when interviews are too long or conducted too frequently. According to the investigations carried out after the pandemic video call fatigue / zoom fatigue You may have heard the concept. From Santa Kupča Video call for clothes in the comfort of a quilt It was one of the works that approached this subject with humor. Comedy project by artist Sam Lavigne, who works on technology, data, language processing, and automation. Zoom Escaper provides users with escape routes from the meeting.

Minor sabotage of interviews with “Zoom Escaper”

We live in a geography where the infrastructure of the Internet is not considered so good. Even our friends experiencing similar problems abroad are talking about it. Therefore, problems such as glitches, freezes, and sound interruptions are frequently encountered in video conferencing. But what if you could take advantage of the inherent strangeness of virtual calls to avoid or escape meetings? New York-based artist and educator Sam Lavigne designed the Zoom Escaper with this approach.

Zoom Escaper serves as a website. Basically, it allows you to use a variety of annoying sound effects to interrupt your conversations. Options include echo, construction, bad connection, a sad baby, and a crying man effect. It is possible to use more than one of these effects at the same time. Again, the user can adjust which one will be more dominant. No download required to use Zoom Escaper. However, to integrate the tool into Zoom, it is necessary to install a plugin called VB-Audio.

Zoom Escaper is important to draw attention to “zoom fatigue”.

Of course, Zoom Escaper is a tool that will run out of credibility in no time as it has become a site known to all. However, I think its main purpose is also different than it seems. Beyond trying to avoid interviews, you may want to remind people that these interviews should be brief. For my part, I do not have that problem in my business life and in my meetings with my friends. But I have heard many stories about how my friends were negatively affected by Zoom meetings for up to 4-5 hours. Therefore, when organizing business and friends meetings Zoom fatigue Perhaps the concept should be taken into account. You can see in the comments below the YouTube video that a lot of people write that something like this is needed. Since many companies have switched to a permanent work-from-home system, it seems important to limit these meeting times. What would you say?

Picture: Unsplash / Gabriel Benois

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