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According to the statement made by the bank, corporate, agricultural and individual clientsFacility of repayment is offered to loans that cannot be paid on the due date and / or on the due date and that are transferred to follow-up accounts as of December 31, 2020.

Clients whose delinquent loans, including default interest, do not exceed TL 1 million, and whose delinquent balance for individual, agricultural and corporate clients are within the determined amounts, will be able to benefit from this opportunity, provided that they pay their debts. in arrears at once.

Clients who want to take advantage of this opportunity will not be charged any interest in arrears or other names for the period after the date their debts are transferred to follow-up.

If Ziraat Bank customers pay their balances on the date they are transferred to their tracking accounts in one go, they will not have to pay accrued interest from the tracking date until the debt is closed.

Source. Anadolu Agency

This application, developed by Ziraat Bank in order to let its clients who have debts in follow-up breathe comfortably, will be valid between March 8 and June 30, 2021.

The limits regarding the transfer balance to follow-up accounts are set at TL 100,000 for retail loan customers, TL 500,000 for agricultural loan customers and TL 500,000 for other corporate loan customers.

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