Ziraat Bank obtained a loan from China Exim Bank

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Ziraat BankHe signed a loan agreement for $ 400 million with China Exim Bank (the Export-Import Bank of China).

According to the Ziraat Bank statement, the Bank continues to work in line with the objective of diversifying the resources provided from abroad in the medium and long term and increasing financial cooperation in different geographies, despite the worsening of global financial conditions due to the epidemic. .

Ziraat Bank, which has added a new one to its successful cooperation signed in different geographies, is one of the leading financial institutions in China. Bank of China Exim with $ 400 million loan contract signed. These loans and Eurobonds issued by the Agricultural Bank in a sustainable way, with added value to the Turkish economy, are export-oriented and provide financing consistent with the strategic objectives of sustainable growth.

A contribution to the development and growth of local currency trade will be made with affordable loans from China Exim Bank in two separate tranches, US $ 320 million and Chinese Yuan 500 million.

Mainly Chinese and loans to be used for foreign trade meet the financing needs of companies in Turkey, the China Development Bank after the consistent bilateral loan agreements of $ 600 million signed in 2017, carries another significant milestone that it is not characteristic of close cooperation with Chinese banks.

The deal in question is an important indicator of the confidence that international financial circles and trading partners have in both the country’s economy and Ziraat Bank.

Despite the continued effects of the epidemic on investment observed the acceleration of Turkey’s economy, foreign financial institutions to save more to Turkey in case a credit channel can be obtained through both portfolio investments will continue to seek the effort of Banco Agrícola.

Ziraat Bank successfully maintains its “pioneering” role in supporting the real sector with the strong international collaborations that it has developed over many years.

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