Zapier made its first acquisition incorporating Makerpad.

With the epidemic, one of the biggest changes in our lives has been working remotely, moving things to homes and making it almost permanent. This situation allowed applications that facilitated remote work to have a strong increase. We all know well Zapier also one of these applications. Because Zapier works as an automation tool that connects Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp and more than 3000 frequently used applications.

Is now TechCrunch posted on Zapier, a no-code educational service and community MakerpadI buy. However, the terms of the agreement were not disclosed. It should be noted that this acquisition was Zapier’s first purchase. After the deal, it is said that Makerpad will continue to work the same way and there will be no changes.

Zapier, which currently has more than 400 employees, will be able to help add users directly to your service and perhaps indirectly create your workgroup with the acquisition of Makerpad.

Perhaps most interestingly, a tweet was the driving force behind Zapier’s decision to buy the Makerpad. Following Walter Chen’s tweet Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier, Ben Tossell, CEO of Makerpadand the purchase is done in no time. Foster adds that Tossell has been following his work for a long time.

Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier, In an interview with Forbes He also states that he does not want his company to receive investment for as long as possible. However, investors are showing a lot of interest in Zapier. Last summer, Zapier hit $ 100 million in annual recurring revenue, and that number has so far exceeded $ 140 million. Although Zapier was not interested in receiving investments, investors somehow got involved. Sequoia and Steadfast Financial bought $ 5 billion worth of stock from some of Zapier’s original investors.

Finally, let’s also note that Zapier supports hiring and employees. Accordingly, Zapier employees are entitled to receive bonuses from company benefits if they achieve certain goals twice a year. This is one of the ways the company supports its employees.

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