Yomi Kastro, CEO of Inveon: “We expect 70 percent growth in 2021”

Inveon founder Yomi Kastro shared his global experiences in e-commerce. Yomi Kastro Turkey, United Kingdom and compare experiences with each other in Dubai. the conversion rate of 1 percent in Turkey without campaign in Britain has announced that it has reached 8-9 percent in a normal period.

He said that this conversion rate in the UK is due to strong experience in e-commerce and digital marketing methods specifically for e-commerce.

The UK indicates that Kastro will offer different options in terms of purchase concepts, the UK market maturity in terms of equipment offered from Turkey announced that it is ahead of both teams with a maturity of 2-3 years.

Similarly, in Dubai from Turkey it said it was 1-2 years behind. Explaining that the fiction of cash on delivery e-commerce, which is used as streaming in Dubai, changed during the pandemic period, Kastro claimed that the use of cash was over and that he preferred different digital payment methods.

He said Inveon transfers information by evaluating alternatives in different regions of the world. Customers also indicated that they are continuing with this knowledge and experience in Turkey.

“We will continue with R&D and value creation”

The Inveon official said it was the first R&D center in Turkey Kastro, between 2021 and announced algorithm plans investing in the development of new equipment. Speaking about a new product they developed on the Nocode – lowcode principle, Kastro said that it increased the capacity of e-commerce clients with its ability to open projects quickly.

Speaking about Growth Lab in his speech, Kastro recalled that the experiences in Geneva, Dubai and the UK were passed on to clients by teams of experts. Kastro: “Growth Lab investments will increase.” saying

We expect 70 percent growth in 2021

Stating that they also export technology, Kastro said: “We expect 70% growth in 2021.” Kastro emphasized that they continue to grow rapidly by entering Deloitte’s Fast 50 list for the fourth year in a row.

“Our job is to see the future on behalf of our clients”, and also conveyed the 2 main trends that we will see in 2021. According to the transfer of Castro, part of the market trade volume in Turkey’s social status in the past. He also explained that his markets are developing their own payment platforms. Kastro emphasized that social commerce will quickly go from 3 to 20 percent.

He said another trend is determined by the consumer’s desire for speedy delivery. “The consumer wants to see the product they have paid for in 10-15-20 minutes.” saying. Stating that some companies try to deliver the same day or within a few hours during the delivery process, Kastro said consumers chose express delivery as their filtering criteria. He added that fast delivery will affect software and logistics infrastructures.

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