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Public transport It is one of the most preferred transportation options in Vienna. 38 percent of trips are made by public transport. while providing it is followed by walking with 28 percent. The number of those who prefer their vehicles in transportation remains at 27 percent. One of the reasons that people in the city prefer public transport is their sensitivity to the environment. While less vehicle traffic equates to lower carbon emissions, it also reduces noise pollution. The company that manages part of the public transport network in Vienna, Austria Wiener linien It stands out with a pleasant animation that values ​​the well-being of the city’s inhabitants and supports a green city.

The gateway to a greener future

Created by Traktor Would not it be nice? The production process for the animated commercial is being handled by the Vienna-based Bounty Studio. The piece reinterpreted for the ad is also the title of the rock group The Beach Boys. Would not it be nice? the song is happening. By emphasizing the importance of public transport in Vienna, the animation says that this transport system provides a suitable environment to create a cleaner city above all.

Wiener Linien, which aims to make the public transport system more environmentally friendly, also takes initiatives in this regard. The new fleet of electric buses used in urban transport is among these options. The campaign also includes the promotion of these buses.

wiener linien

Noting that they attach importance to renewable energies, Günter Steinbauer, CEO of Wiener Linien, explains that they saved more than 49 thousand tons of carbon dioxide in 2020 thanks to these resources. Although the public transport company is responsible for approximately 180 public transport networks (metro, tram, bus) in the city, approximately 2.6 million citizens use these means of transport on a daily basis.


Client: Wiener Linien
Agency: Traktor, Vienna
Animation and Illustration: Bounty Studio
Creative Director: Alexander Winsauer
Editor: Robert Wagenlechner
Client Relations Manager: Katharina Luger
Music: Blautöne

Picture: Bounty Study

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