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Apple is working on a privacy feature that can be defined as “Application Tracking Transparency”, which is expected to be released in new versions of the iOS and MacOS operating systems. He explained. This feature affects many different developers who earn income from ads, especially Facebook. Facebook also addresses this issue with its latest campaign. Focusing on all kinds of small businesses and initiatives, the campaign emphasizes that ideas are important and must be visible.

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Facebook Aims to Increase the Value of Small Business Ad Investments

Droga5 New York Good ideas deserve to be found tells a story about personalized ads. Voiced by artist, actress, and model Grace Jones, the film conveys how small businesses can help build closer relationships with their customers through song.

Benefits of personalized advertising and financial support for small businesses during the pandemic transmitting Facebook is using the hashtag #DeserveToBeFound to highlight this campaign.


75 percent of Facebook’s annual ad revenue comes from small businesses

Facebook, along with the banner ad in the ad He explained that small and medium-sized businesses have simplified the Ad Manager to increase the value of their investments. Advertising manager; It is a platform used by almost 10 million companies to run campaigns on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Thanks to this simplification, there are customization options that allow restaurants to load menus directly.

Small businesses accounted for 75 percent of Facebook’s $ 70 billion annual advertising revenue, according to Deutsche Bank. invent. Given this data, it is not surprising that the campaign is focused on small businesses.


Client: Facebook
Agency: Droga5 NY
Global CCO: Neil Heymann
Creative Director: Thom Glover, Kia Heinnen
Senior Copywriter: Ben Brown, Dave Canavan
Senior Art Director: Jackie Moran, Patrick Horton
Production Company: Riff Raff, Blinkink
Director: David Wilson
PDO: Benoit Soler
Executive Producer: Matthew Fone
Producer: Kate Brady
Edit: The quarry
Postproduction: MPC London

Visual: YouTube

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