Women search for their rights on Google • Bigumigu, which conducts digital rights-based studies against violence against women in the Internet ecosystem, has prepared its research using data from the website in a report. brought. In the report prepared with the initiative of the Women’s Rights Digital Data Platform, the most frequent calls made by women were identified. Techniques such as Google’s automatic identification function and website traffic analysis tools were used.

Data on women subjected to violence were collected using search engines.

Women Googling Their Rights: The 2020 Internet Search Report includes Internet searches from January to December 2020. According to the report, at least 7,800 women claim their rights online after being subjected to violence. Women suffer domestic sexual violence and physical violence “My husband beats me because of his family”, “My husband constantly humiliates me”, “My husband hits me with a belt”, “My husband constantly yells at me”, “My husband does not allow me to go with my family “,” My brother harasses me. Write expressions like “,” My brother loves me “in the search engine.


She lives outside Turkey and draws attention to her appeals to women exposed to violence. Turkish-speaking women are subjected to violence in 49 countries, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Austria. Turkish-speaking women suffered violence outside of Turkey among the countries where Germany, France, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Austria are taking place. In addition, according to the report, women who are exposed to violence often make phone calls.

Violence increased during the pandemic process

In the report, which also examines data on violence experienced in the global pandemic process, it is mentioned that the effect of the pandemic is also being felt. The outbreak is the first and most deeply felt in Turkey in April 2020 during its search for women compared to March of the same year declared approximately two times more. According to the research, searches for “Forcing Me to Marry” increased 228%, searches for “My Brother Hits Me” 295%, searches for “My Husband Hits Me” increased 175% this month.


One of the founders of the platform, Handan Uslu violence against women While it emphasizes that measurement is a duty of the State, it emphasizes how important and necessary the Istanbul Convention is in this regard.

The Women’s Rights Digital Data Platform says 1,057 women received information from websites last year after Googling violence. To the full report from here You can reach and examine in detail.


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