Will it happen without closing? Bigumigu

It’s hard not to be seduced by nostalgia. Looking at the advertisements, cartoons, albums or series of our childhood is like traveling back in time. The 80s and 90s must have been the most visited years on this trip. One of the unforgettable, especially for those whose childhood or youth coincided with these years, were the Artema ads starring Şener Şen. The motto “Open – Close Artema” was literally popular. With Artema commercials starring Engin Günaydın in 2013, this tagline was once again for the audience. managed to make you smile. This time world water day hence it is time for nostalgia with Şener Şen.

The legendary announcement on the occasion of World Water Day is back

Şener Şenli Artema’s films shot since 1988 have been so successful that “Open Close” has become the generic name for the only control armors in the industry today. Now, the collage movie created with these movies is “Unclosed?” It reminds us to turn off the taps.

The film, which is signed by Havas Istanbul, includes Şener Şen’s current voice as well as his old images. At the end of the film, the artist points out that Artema’s inexpensive products have saved 30 million tons of water in the last 5 years. “We open it, we close it but sometimes we forget to turn it off. Let’s turn off if it is not necessary, let’s save more water together without being poor in water ”.


Advertiser: Eczacıbaşı Building Products Group | Artema
Marketing Director: Yavuz Feyzioğlu
Global Brand Management: Başak Canbak, Hande Alaca
Brand communication: Seda Şanlı, Selin Tümen, Gülşah Temel
Media Team: Gonca Tözen Hançerlioğlu, Emre Eralp, Naz Uzunel, Özlem Üçel
Strategic Consulting Agency: Canan Pehlivanoğlu – Co.Entegre
Community Media Team: Ayşen Akalın, Burcu Vural, Zeynep Güner
Advertising Agency: Havas Istanbul
CCO: Ergin Binyıldız
ECD: Volkan Dalkilic
Creative Team: Gizem Arlı Sirkeci, Ali İhsan Ozan
Head of Digital: Zihni Başsaray
Customer Relations Team: Birol Ecevit, Yiğit Uysal, Tunca Karcı, Egemen Eksilmez
Digital Team: Serhat Varan, Elif İlayda Free, Kaan Üzmez
Movement team: Ahmet Erkul, Can Yaylacıkoral
Agency Producer: Sıla Salgın, İrem Akalın
Postproduction: Image
Media agency: Carat
Brand content agency: Circus
Voice: Şener Şen

Visual: Artema

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