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Burger King and McDonald’s, two fast food chains that love to bite into each other in their campaigns, changed their corporate identities in the same period. Introducing its retro-inspired logo in early January, Burger King offers a digitally compatible visual identity. was offering. Digital platforms were taken into account in all designs, from logos to illustrations. Designed by JKR New York, the logo was inspired by the logo used between 1969 and 1994 and between 1994 and 1999.

McDonald’s, which appeared with its packaging and packaging designs refreshed by Pearlfisher in February, with illustrations highlighting the characteristics of its products on its packaging. I was drawing attention. The brand with the aim of highlighting the most recognizable and iconic aspect of each element; The Big Mac box caricatured layers of burger ingredients, showing melting cheeses on the Cheese Quarter Pounder menu, and Filet-O-Fish featured cool blue waves.


While Burger King’s global CMO Fernando Machado said it was a modernized interpretation of the nostalgic look of the new logo, Barbara Yehling, McDonald’s director of global menu strategy, said they created a vibrant, beautiful and modern design.

What do our followers think of these designs?

Like Bigumigu, we conducted a one-day survey from social media accounts last Thursday and asked our followers: Which fast food chain do you think has best renewed its corporate identity?

The survey was head-to-head as was the rivalry fighting for the two rival companies and, unsurprisingly, the brands were quite close to each other in the bottom line. A total of 2,691 people participated in the survey we conducted on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 323 users voted on LinkedIn, 454 on Twitter and 1914 users on Instagram Story.

Roughly 58 percent of Twitter participants prefer Burger King’s design, while McDonald’s stayed here with 42 percent. Similarly, in voting on LinkedIn, Burger King drew attention for its high vote rate. 56 percent argued that Burger King better revamped its corporate identity and 44 percent argued that McDonald’s was successful.


The number of participants in the voting that took place on Instagram was more than double that of those who responded to the poll on Twitter and LinkedIn. As a result of the voting held here, although the distribution was close, the high number of participants also affected the overall results of the survey. 53 percent of the participants preferred McDonalds and 47 percent preferred Burger King. As a result of all this voting, 2,691 participants voted. 1345 participants preferred Burger King, 1346 participants preferred McDonalds. While Burger King made a difference in Twitter and LinkedIn voting, McDonalds closed the gap and advanced with a difference on Instagram, where more participants showed interest. However, we can safely say that there is not enough difference to prevent us from saying that this poll ended in a tie.


McDonalds’ increasingly simple designs seem to be appreciated by our Instagram followers. However, in the comments of the Twitter and LinkedIn posts, the McDonalds designs are simple. thinkers it’s found.

The package design is effective in choosing the product.

Similarly, a version made by Ad Age-Harris in the US. in the survey 54 percent of participants prefer King’s new packaging design. In the survey conducted between February 19 and 22, 46 percent of the 1,059 participants preferred McDonald’s. While 56 percent of participants said the new look of Burger King’s packaging is more appetizing, 44 percent chose McDonald’s in this regard. Burger King offers a delicious look with its new font called Flame, which has saturated and fluffy lettering. I was aiming. The key piece of information from this survey is that designs affect consumers when buying products. In the vote, 48 percent of those who prefer the new Burger King designs and 41 percent of those who prefer McDonald’s say that the new designs can be effective in choosing products. Details of the survey conducted by Ad Age-Harris Connection can be reached through.

Visual: Bigumigu, vs pngtree calligraphy

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