WhatsApp lost millions of users after a forced update

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WhatsApp, used by 2 billion people around the world, continues to lose blood after the upgrade decision.

According to the news from The Guardian, the popular messaging application lost its millions of users to its competitors after the new update that was imposed on users.

According to statements by the UK parliamentary commission, Signal gained 7.5 million new users and Telegram 25 million new users. The two messaging apps also attracted their new users in the first three weeks of January.

The secure messaging app Signal wasn’t even in the top thousand in the UK on January 6, but it became the most downloaded app in the country on January 9.

WhatsApp does not explain exactly how many users it lost. However, looking at UK data, WhatsApp dropped from eight to 23 during the most downloaded apps.


WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, made an update on its data on users. The company stated for the first time that as of February 8, those who do not approve the new update cannot use WhatsApp. This decision attracted the reaction of millions of users, especially in India. The company postponed the approval date until May 15 to better explain the new developments to users.

WhatsApp announced that the data of users who contact their business accounts will be processed. The company said that personal conversations will not be seen, but that companies will have the opportunity to get to know their users better.

Although the company said in its statements after the reactions that end-to-end encryption will continue in personal communication, the user continues to lose.


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