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Some of us are cat people, some of us are dog people. Everyone has an opinion on this matter. Petco, a company that offers pet supplies in the US, looks at this dilemma from an absurd point of view. The cat gives the human being the role of the cat and the dog the role of the dog. In addition to the services it offers, the company describes its initiative in animal health and welfare.

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“If you want, why shouldn’t your animals want it?” starting from the idea Petco, pets literally adapt to humans. Droga5 New York Director Harold Einstein uses absurd elements of humor in the campaign created by him. In each film, actors find themselves in specific pet situations and events, while Petco’s services are among the topics discussed. Sometimes with random sniffing, sudden scratching, or a desire to wander, these people are actually pet turns out to be.

Petco informs and supports pet owners

Referring to the growing online shopping preference of its customers after the pandemic, like many brands, Petco increased its digital sales by more than 90 percent in the last quarter of last year. Their goal is to preserve and maintain this momentum by focusing on the health and well-being of pets, as well as their products. It also embraces a comprehensive business goal for pets, with a monthly veterinary subscription service for pet owners and an app that showcases new ways to communicate with their animals.

Tariq Hassan, CMO of Petco, says they provide 360 ​​degrees of pet health service, while using their campaigns to make pets feel closer to families. The ad series conveys thoughts about their needs by humanizing animals.


Client: Petco
Executive Director: Ron Coughlin
CMO: Tariq Hassan
Agency: Droga5 New York
CCO: Tim Gordon and Felix Richter
Executive Creative Director: Scott Bell
Creative Director: George McQueen, Tom McQueen
Senior Copywriter: Chase Kimball
Senior Art Writer: Jesse Brown
Senior Project Manager: Simon Jolly
Production Company: Dummy
Director: Harold Einstein
Executive Producer: Michael Kanter
Postproduction: The Mill
Visual Effects: John Leonti
Coloring: Company3
Music: Found Objects
Sound: Heard City

Visual: YouTube

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