What will happen if you add Rina Onur Şirinoğlu along with Peak?

The question I asked in the title of the news is very clear and the answer is of course, as you can guess, if this team joins, it will become a new gaming company, and what else? His answer is in the rest of the news, you can continue reading because I am already beginning to count.

First of all, you probably haven’t heard of the initiative in question, unless you’re in the closest circle of the team or if you haven’t had a job interview with the company until now. Then you Spyke Games and let me go into the details right away …

Remi Onur, a former Peak Games employee (he was also the founder of, Peak games Spyke Games, where former Riot Games employee Cem Mithat Madra is the founding partner, as well as Barkın Başaran and Fuat Coşkun, who later worked at Zynga, has another name that will catch your eye as I mentioned in the introduction.

Co-founder of Peak Games and currently 500 Istanbul partner of Rina Onur Şirinoğlu He is a founding partner and member of the board of Spyke Games.

Rina Onur Şirinoğlu, who manages the investment processes of the company rather than the day-to-day operation due to her current position at 500 Istanbul, obviously seems to have done her job well, although the company has yet to announce this at the seed investment stage. , yes He made a very important investment.

The first seed investment is $ 5 million

Spyke Games, which has just been established, actually closed its investment tour on November 26, 2020, but did not make any statements. They run the business in stealth mode, which we call “stealth mode” in industry lingo. So they don’t want to surface for long. But of course, it is not a secret that two people know, and since the subject is on our radar, we are here with the news that you are reading right now. So let’s get into a little more detail now …

This investment is focused on Santa Monica and is focused on investments in games. Griffin Gaming Partners realized. As we saw after our research, Griffin Gaming Partners $ 25 million about valuation $ 5 million deposited. After the investment in question, Spyke Games 20% participation has been.

The first game will arrive in summer

I learned that Spyke Games, who have no published games yet, will be making casual games and their first games will be released towards the summer. Do not get wrong. Meanwhile, casual and hyper-casual games … will make the addition of the goal, as in Turkey Peak Games I will tell you again to put a billion dollar company.

If you ask my personal opinion, the experience of the team as well as the size of the initial investment show that their equipment is sufficient to achieve this goal. I hope that its chances are also high and that the unicorns we need in the sector will be joined by new unicorns and, of course, indirectly by foreign investors.

We will follow developments on Spyke Games and report developments. For now, I wish the entire team success and I congratulate them on the investment they have received.

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