What is the party that you feel lost in the relationship? Bigumigu

Animation is one of the areas where love and relationships are best studied with its unlimited possibilities of expression. Animated short that feeds on the horror genre and makes the philosophy of love Wild love It was one of the most impressive examples we have given recently. Fascinating with both material selection and abstract expression A love story It was also one of the unforgettable. Sebaldo DEMIR ADAM The short film called Black Humor, which deals with the problematic relationship of a couple making stop-motion animation, with stop-motion animation. Dolls don’t cry awesome works that you might want to take a look at. Now again, the animation examines the relationships with an abstract expression. Ahead that we have in front of us.

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The fight of a headless character

In a relationship, if one of the parties is going through a difficult time, it is important that the other supports them. Perhaps the most important thing that makes the relationship relate is this attitude of “being with you on the hard days.” This must be one of the scariest things for people who run away from relationships. Even getting the affected side to act requires waiting for the right moment. For example, by suggesting a depressed partner, you cannot expect immediate recovery the next morning. Correcting problems can take patience, time, and dedication. These difficult and uncertain processes in relationships are discussed below.

Adelante, young animator and art director, member of the international cooperative of film production COLA Wing NunuIt bears the signature of. The film is about a love story between two people, one complete and the other feeling incomplete. The character who feels incomplete is represented by a headless figure. We see the headless character struggling with an anxiety disorder or depression. As such, both characters try to comply with the routines of daily life. The film offers a dual perspective from the perspective of the side that suffers the ailment and the side that tries to bear it.


Not having a head makes the protagonist feel incomplete. Any help and support initiative can make things worse. Going beyond the fears creates the possibility of separation, at the same time that it reveals the inability to act and react. There is no dialogue in the movie. Therefore, all these are transmitted to the public through the visual language of the film. The soundtrack is by Natalia Czekała and Krzysztof Guzewicz. Sound design is by Edward A Guy.

2 weeks before entering the broadcast on Vimeo Staff Pick and removed as Animators of the main film in Turkey, we will see in many competitions including the description of the Film Festival honors and won again. Wing Nunu Instagram You can move on.

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