What is the Clubhouse app and how is it used?

The Clubhouse application, which was launched in 2020, is one of the most curious social media platforms of users in recent days. The application, which allows users to interact through voice chat rooms, differs from many other social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter by its invitation-based membership system. So what is the Clubhouse app, how is it used? How to become a member of the Clubhouse, is an invitation required? Here are all the details …

Club house application, Alpha Exploration Co. It is a social network platform developed by the software company that allows interaction through voice chat rooms.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, the Clubhouse application does not share videos or photos, and users can participate in chat rooms on topics that interest them and participate in discussions through voice interaction.

To subscribe to the application without entering the waiting list, It is imperative to receive an invitation from a user using the application.

The app, which is growing in popularity by the day, reached a market value of $ 1 billion on January 21, 2021.


Club house The application provides voice interaction to its users through chat rooms.

In topic-configured chat rooms, users can join the conversation if they get permission from the chat administrator, or they can join the conversation only as listeners.

Club house Unlike Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, there are no text messages, video conversations, posts, or photo sharing in the app.

The app is only for now iOS offered to users.


For now, you must first download the app, which is only available to iOS users, on your device.

After choosing a username and verifying your account via SMS, Clubhouse places your account on a waiting list.

If a user who is already a member of the application sends an invitation, their membership process is completed without entering the waiting list.

After the membership process is complete, you can join the chat rooms with different topics that interest you, as a listener or as a speaker through voice interaction.

The app, which is growing in popularity by the day, is claimed to be being developed for Android devices as well.


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