What is a “Fusion Association” (SPAC)?

SPACMerger Purpose Partnership is an investment vehicle whose shares are offered to the public for the purpose of providing capital markets financing for mergers and acquisitions.

In 2020; especially in the US, Nasdaq and NYSE stock markets Partnerships for Merger Purposes’s IPO (Initial Public Offering), which is the most preferred IPO method and accounts for more than half of all IPO transactions.

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• partially leveraged acquisition method
• buy a private company
• by initial public offering
Fast and relatively low cost
• to raise capital,
• is a publicly traded company.

There are four audiences that show interest in SPACs as a tool:

• Investors or founders of SPAC, called “sponsors” in the SPAC world, who set up a SPAC and provide it with the necessary investment capital;

• Institutional investors (pension funds, national wealth funds, family asset management companies, etc.) providing substantial financing (typically US $ 100 million or more) by purchasing shares on the first day of the IPO (offering initial public) of a SPAC;

• Small investors;

• Private companies that wish to offer their shares to the public by combining them with a listed SPAC.

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