Wefarm, the social network for farmers, received an investment of $ 11 million

The development of technology continues to show itself in all areas of life. Our habits of watching, working, and even cooking evolved to digital during this period. Not only people, but also sectors affected by digital, take a part of digital transformation seriously. In the agricultural sector, we have been feeling more and more digitized day by day. But Wefarm An interesting example of the digitization of agriculture. Because the platform helps farmers get to know each other, exchange ideas, receive advice and even sell equipment and supplies.

Wefarm, which we can define as a social network for farmers, TechCrunch shared Octopus ventures A Series investment tour led by $ 11 million Investment received. Tour, True Ventures, Rabo Frontier Ventures, LocalGlobe, June Fund Y AgFunder also participated.

Has more than 2.5 million users

Wefarm is not really a new platform because it was founded in 2005. Also, although the company was established in London, it is particularly In the focus of East African countries occurs. The company’s function called Wefarm SMS makes the social network not only a website, but also enables SMS communication between farmers. Regardless, the free SMS feature is one of the biggest reasons Wefarm is used frequently in East Africa.

The platform currently has 2.5 million users dealing with almost 400 different types of agriculture. According to data released by the company, the platform has hosted more than 37 million speeches and $ 29 million in market sales to date.

Kenny Ewan, Founder and CEO of Wefarmstates that they will use their new investment to operate in more countries, increase the number of users and implement the platform application that currently only works with the website. The waiting list for the application is currently from the platform website Let us remember that it is possible to achieve. Ewan also claimed that Wefarm attracted attention especially during the pandemic period; He says it is a communication platform for farmers in this period when face-to-face meetings are decreasing.

The platform, which has received $ 32 million in investment so far, also wants to expand its product range in the future. Wefarm is working on products where it will provide users with more data on specific topics, such as applicable business models, pricing models, and maturity periods.

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