Wedding association canceled, pandemic tailors badly beaten

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The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMMThe Istanbul Bureau of Statistics, one of the units affiliated with the Istanbul Planning Agency, released a report entitled “Investigation of neighborhood merchants in Istanbul during the pandemic period” last week.

According to the details of the report, one of the merchants most economically affected by the corona virus pandemic were tailors.

Consequently, during the pandemic, the average monthly number of tailors clients decreased by 80.5 percent, while the average income of tailors decreased by 70.7 percent. Additionally, 94.9 percent of tailors stated that they were unable to pay operating expenses such as rent, bills, and workers’ wages.

Turan Aydoğdu, President of the Istanbul Chamber of Tailors, Merchants and Craftsmen of Women and Menevaluated the information in the report to


Turan Aydoğdu, president of the Istanbul Chamber of Women and Men Tailors, Merchants and Craftsmen, who claimed that tailors were victims of the cancellation of many events such as weddings during the epidemic period, said: “Most of the tailors have closed your stores “. Our only chance was that we didn’t completely close the shop like barbers, but many tailors preferred not to open their shop at all, saying that they would sit at home rather than sit idly by turning on the electricity.

Expressing that tailors who pay income tax cannot benefit from state support, Aydoğdu said: “Tailors who pay income tax could not benefit from 1000 lira support from the state. We wanted to do something as a camera. We sent a letter to 39 district municipalities to see if they could support them. But most of them did not respond. We ourselves. As a chamber, we try to provide food aid to our member tailors. We reached our 500-600 members. But of course, not enough, “


The research results also indicated that 56.9 percent of tailors worked alone before the pandemic, while the rate of lone workers in the pandemic rose to 75.2 percent. Aydoğdu said that the reasons for this situation were not only the Covid-19 epidemic, but that no one was trained as a tailor anymore.

Aydoğdu said: “After 10 years, there will be no tailor. There is no one who is trained as a tailor anymore. Tailoring is a handwork. When someone asks us for a job, they ask how much we can pay. We are not a group. professional with fixed income. We are working. We cannot make fixed payments to anybody like that, “he said.

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