Webhelp acquires field services company, Teknofix

Call center Help websitefield service company that has grown rapidly in the last 5 years Teknofix. With this strategic partnership, which was completed at the end of 2020, Webhelp also increased its strength in the field by purchasing 100 percent of Teknofix shares. So you’ll have a wide range of services in the field, including on-site technical support, face-to-face customer service, and end-to-end customer management.

Since 2011. Teknofix, operating in the 81 provinces of Turkey, printing the last 5 years has shown that the rapid growth of this year with the name Deloitte Fast 50 listed for the fourth time in a row. Teknofix, the leading company in the field services sector, provides technical support services to more than 150 thousand households per month with its 1,200 employees.

Evaluate the strategic purchases they have made Text Carder, CEO of Webhelp Turkey He used the following expressions:

Teknofix, a leader in its sector, serves more than 150,000 homes every month. A total of 2.2 million products have been delivered and 3.5 million home visits have been made so far. We believe that, under the Webhelp roof, Teknofix has very different records and we, as Webhelp, will strengthen our corporate culture based on 100% customer satisfaction.

Metin Tarakçı said that Webhelp, which increased the number of employees by 75 percent in 2020, increased its annual turnover to more than TL 500 million. Metin Tarakçı explained that as a result of the organic and healthy growth, new investments have been directed towards increasing customer satisfaction and their contribution to business partners.

Claiming that they always aim to provide the best customer experience with their technology-oriented approach and solution suggestions that make a difference. General Manager of Teknofix Ulaş Civil Regarding this merger, he said:

As Teknofix, we are happy to have signed a synergy that will take our growth energy beyond the borders of the country with Webhelp, which has more than 75 thousand employees in many countries of the world. I believe that, as a member of the gigantic Webhelp family that we have joined through a strategic merger, we will continue our path stronger.

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