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Nahehan Esemmbion (26), who works as a flight attendant for an airline company, met Cameroonian citizen Calvin Essembion (30) in Cyprus, where he went to train 6 years ago. The couple married after a short relationship and moved to Istanbul. Two children, Eva and Emma, ​​were born to the couple living in Beylikdüzü.

Due to the small arrival of the house where they lived, the Essembion Family searched for apartments from the Kristal Şehir houses located in Esenyurt. Nagehan Essembion, who contacted a real estate office below the site, went to Esenyurt the day before to view the flat.

According to the news in the Hürriyet newspaper, real estate agent Melis Şenay said that when he saw Calvin Essembion of African origin, the management of the site made the decision not to rent apartments to blacks.


Nagehan Essembion, shocked by what happened, left the store with his family, reacting to the real estate employees. The young woman who complained to CIMER said:

“Since my wife is of African descent, people have been looking at us strangely since we got married. But it was the first time that I was faced with a racist incident. We wanted to move out of the house we lived in for a while. We liked the apartment in Crystal City while I was researching on the internet. Both for ourselves and my mother and brother. We were going to rent two apartments. 850 TL per apartment was suitable for us. We went to the real estate office at the entrance of the site to see the apartment. I went in. My wife and children also came in behind me while they were talking about the apartment. The real estate employees stopped renting the apartment when they saw my wife. They did not give apartments for rent to black people. “Therefore, They said they couldn’t rent it. My wife was very upset when she heard this word and went out and took the children. However, blacks were forbidden to live. We faced open racism. Com I split what happened to me on my social media account. There are many women in Istanbul whose spouses are of African descent like me. They all reacted. Unfortunately, we are faced with such events. Prosecutors and judges should punish these people. “


Stating that they are saddened by what happened, Calvin Essembion said:

“I work in a freight company in Aksaray. I am working as a translator at the same time. I come across incidents of racism while working. People look different. But what I experienced with my family bothered me a lot. Later I had two daughters. It affected me. very much his witnessing such an incident. Immediately, my children too. “I bought it and left the store. What time do we live in? The separation of people according to their colors is racism. I think this is a crime. We complain about those who told us this. We will continue the case with my wife. “


Crystal Emlak Office, meeting with the family, argued that the decision was not theirs. Office official Melis saidenay said: “We told you about the situation when the family arrived. The site administration tells us: ‘Do not rent a house to singles of African descent.’ We are an intermediary company. It is very difficult for us to know. people about this decision. I was very sorry about what happened. “The apartment owner rents his house. But the apartment owner cannot do anything because it is a site management decision. People from all over the world live in these properties. They are families from Syrians to Iranians. There are no restrictions for them. But they don’t want people of African descent and single people. “


The administration of the site where the incident occurred rejected the allegations and said: “We have no such order.” However, many employees of real estate offices that rent around the site said that the Crystal City administration does not rent apartments to people of African descent.

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