We Are Not Perfect About The Environment

Whether we use a thermos instead of disposable plastic cups or carry cloth bags instead of bags, none of us are 100% environmentally successful. Sometimes we have too many diaper bags. Sometimes we run the dishwasher before it is fully loaded. Or, as we sort our garbage, we doubt what goes where. Australia’s first energy company to be certified carbon neutral Powershop remind everyone that although they are not completely environmentally friendly, they can definitely live a carbon-free life.


Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the greenest

white GRAY Melbourne Powershop focuses on situations where people trying to make sustainable decisions face difficulties with the campaign created by the company. By doing so, it entitles you to situations where we can be insufficient on the environment. The film is directed by AIRBAG producer Ben Saunders.

The commercial focuses on the humanitarian side of people who take action in favor of sustainability but cannot support their choices, sometimes due to forgetfulness and sometimes due to indecision. Powershop, which Climate Active has awarded organization and product certification in 2016, reminds us that we can create a simple but powerful effect by making the right brand decisions.

Powershop Marketing Manager Michelle Grigg says that making green decisions can sometimes be difficult and no one can be perfect. However, also remember that they can make a difference in carbon neutral by choosing Powershop.


Client: Powershop Australia
Agency: whiteGREY Melbourne
ECD: Joe Hill and Garret Fitzgerald
Creators: Kieran Adams, Tom Lander
Design: Gemma Lodi
Senior Producer: Stephanie Ceccaldi
Chief Strategy Officer: Nathan Rogers
Production Company: AIRBAG
Director: Ben Saunders
Producer: David Curry
PDO: Simon Walsh
Coloring: CJ Dobson
Sound: Bang Bang Studios
Media: Media 33

Visual: Vimeo

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