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One third of the food produced in the world is wasted because it cannot be consumed. 20 percent of fruits and vegetables and 40 percent of animal foods are wasted. According to the UN Food Waste Report 2021 Index of 931 million tons worldwide each year, 7.7 million tons of food is wasted in Turkey. This means that in our country 93 kilograms of food are wasted per person per year. At a time when we feel the effects of the food crisis, which is one of the most important problems that the planet awaits with the climate crisis, producing sustainable solutions, saving and protecting nature are among our priorities.

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Yenir offers products that companies cannot sell at affordable prices.

Bringing surplus products from local food companies to consumers in the last few days. Excess food We are talking about an application called. A similar mobile application that offers fresh products that companies cannot sell at prices more affordable to customers. Edible.

By inviting everyone to be a waste warrior, Yenir carries out a policy against food waste, while at the same time helping consumers find the product they are looking for at a more affordable price. With the aim of preventing food waste and thus protecting nature and the economy, Yenir offers benefits for both the producer and the consumer.

Users can access the products of their local businesses through the application. After paying for these products, which are sold at half price or at a more affordable price, they can go and buy them without a bargain within the specified time frame. It also has an information screen that shows how much you have saved and how much food you have saved. In this way, you can see how much benefit you get from affordable food and avoid waste.

The Yenir application currently offers services in selected regions of Istanbul. When we open the app and look at it, there are mostly contracted restaurants in Kadıköy, Beşiktaş and Şişli, although there are fewer restaurants in other districts. As the number of contracted brands increases, the branches of these brands in different districts also participate in Yenir’s wasteful struggle. The application App store Y Google play You can download it via.

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