Volvo blind spot technology

Cyclists who remain in the driver’s blind spot while riding alongside vehicles can experience dangerous and risky accidents. As bicycle users in cities increase, so does the number of accidents involving bicycles. While the blind spot is more dangerous for large vehicles, cars also have a small blind spot area. One of the biggest causes of bicycle accidents in the city is these blind spots.

A table that allows you to notice cyclists in the blind spot

Blind spot warning found on Volvo cars (Blind Spot Information SystemHe is preparing a campaign that places the digital billboard in the center of Brussels, where the density of cycling is high, to promote the technology. The digital billboard located at the busiest point in the city and at the crossroads is used to promote this feature.


The digital whiteboard is equipped with a blind spot detector similar to the sensor found in Volvo cars in the Blind Spot Billboard campaign created by Volvo. A digital billboard with motion-sensitive radar reflects the approaching rider on the screen in real time. It measures the distance and gives information about where the cyclist is. Thanks to its different modes, the digital whiteboard works actively both day and night and warns drivers about cyclists.

Known for its emphasis on safety, Volvo installed blind spot detectors in its vehicles in 2004. Like other Volvo features, the blind spot detector is not patented. Any car manufacturer can use this feature on their models.

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