Volkswagen Tries Flying Car

Volkswagen, the largest carmaker in Europe with the highest number of vehicle sales, is preparing to take a step towards flying vehicle technology.

In the statement made by the company, it was emphasized that it is one of the potential clients of flying car technology and the expressions “We are conducting a feasibility study on flying cars in China” were used.


German auto giant Volkswagen said: “We are doing this work in the Chinese market, which we see technically close by. Beyond autonomous driving, the concept of vertical mobility in vehicles may be our next step in taking our mobility approach into the future. “.

“We are one of the potential customers for flying vehicle technology. Therefore, we are exploring concepts and potential partners by conducting a feasibility study to determine the possibility of industrializing this approach.


In a joint interview with Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess, Volkswagen’s China Manager Stephan Woellenstein added that the company wanted to develop a licensed drone and that this drone will be the first product the company will enter the market.

China is the world’s largest car market and also the bulk of Volkswagen’s sales.

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