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In these times when we are in a logo change rush, the first topic that catches the attention of all who have a little knowledge of the subject is simplifying logos and keeping up with digital. In renovation processes where flat design logo works come to the fore, there are also references to the past in the logos of some brands. Retro inspired by Burger King introduced earlier this year logoWarner Bros. has straight, precise lines. logo or the newly announced Peugot in the logo there were traces of the past.

Rafael Serra plays with colors and typography

Rafael Serra (FAEL), whose portfolio is quite crazy and full of diverse works, also applies his touches to famous logos and alternative writing styles. Letter Series Project Offers a vintage touch with. Rafael likes to create typographic logos and redesign current brand logos as if they were from the 70s or 80s.

The Portuguese designer, interested in calligraphy and typography designs, sometimes plays with the colors of the logos in these new designs and adds a more nostalgic atmosphere, sometimes changes the typeface entirely and creates a logo from scratch. Rafael Serra adds a vintage and retro touch to familiar logos and provides this vibrancy by creating unique letter shapes.

There are many styles of writing created by Rafael. The designer thinks that creating different alternatives by focusing on famous logos is a good precedent for finding and reflecting his own style. Among the logo designs he has created so far a 70’s 80’s atmosphere with his design; There are well-known brands like Pizza Hut, Netflix, Nike, Adidas, Instagram, Honda, PlayStation, Spotify, IKEA. By Rafael Serra on the website, Behance Y Instagram: You can access all the typographic logos he has made on his page and you can browse his other works.

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Picture: Rafael serra

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