Veysi Dündar: Hamza Kürşat is just a broken stone of the rosary

Hamza Kürşat Ayvatoğlu, who left his mark on the agenda in recent days, was born in 1993. His father evidently showed great foresight when naming his son.

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We can assume that the first youth of Kürşat’s father, born in 1993, corresponded to the 1970s. In these difficult years, the representative of the understanding of the two frontiers of the right made evident his enthusiasm by giving his son two names.

In the iconic Call, the incarnation of the prophet Anthony Quinn. Hamza and Kürşat, who led the Turks out of Ergenekon …

Although it was the year Özal passed away, there is no doubt that his project to unite the four tendencies gave strength to at least two of them, the far-right Islamic and Turkish fronts.

Although he imprisoned his general Erbakan, who was traveling with the Koran at the hands of the 1980 coup, he was able to entrust the leadership of the state to a former MSP like Özal. On the other hand, Türkeş might say: “We are in prison, but our ideas are in power.”

However, neither Özal nor Evren were a self-proclaimed national national focus.

In 1980, US President Reagan found the remedy against communism and its representative USSR in Islam and received the mujahideen in the White House.

In 1991, the Berlin Wall was truly undermined by the demolished public opposition in Turkey. There was no doubt that the nationalism + religion formula would work to defeat communism. The circumstances in Turkey for the nationalist and religious right, had returned to the United States through a rose garden without thorns.

A year later, the inevitable rise of Erdogan had begun. None of this was a coincidence.

Yes, America no longer needed religiosism and nationalism. But it was too late for Turkey. The social opposition was destroyed in an environment convergent to fascism, and the environment was left in the hands of these extreme ideologies.

So, Hamza Kürşat’s father had read this conjuncture and where things were going, and his intuition allowed him to name his son a golden key.

When the AKP came to power, Hamza Kürşat was a 9-year-old elementary school student. In 2010, when the congregation peaked, it was obvious that he would not be able to finish high school.

The traditional strength of the MHP in Kastamonu and the success of a moral MHP member like Turan Topçuoğlu as mayor; Hamza Kürşat allowed him to find a bread door highlighting Kürşat. He had been interested in the photography business of the municipality. Who knows, this activity corresponded to the artistic infrastructure that led him to the position of Municipal Director of Culture at the age of 23. His relationship with photography should have opened the doors of culture more easily for him!

Before the elections on June 7, 2015, the 3-term sovereignty of the MHP in Kastamonu was broken in the municipal elections. This should have been the result of the pragmatic expectation of enjoying power opportunities. The change of municipality may have motivated Hamza Kürşat to introduce Hamza this time. In fact, Patricia Highsmith’s “Talented Mr. Ripley” was able to step into the changing city administration form and found a place on this team with a much more effective task. This is undoubtedly because Bahceli has made the MHP a partner of the AKP since June 7, as well as his own capabilities.

Then events unfold in parallel with Turkey’s agenda. Although the AKP / MHP coalition is strong across the country, at the local level, teeth are clenched. Kastamonu is a typical example of this. Good Party members and even CHP supporters send AKP candidate Babaş home in the hope that Galip Vidinlioğlu, a doctor, will be freed from the AKP and held accountable for corruption. As of now, of course, no one asks the AKP for an account or anything. But they will not give bread to the AKP cadres either. Hamza Kürşat, who was expelled from the municipality, continues to make political gains alongside his namesake Hamza Dağ.

Until this process was published with drug addiction and shared wars, which are the side effects of the young phases.

This is roughly the story of Hamza Kürşat, which only covers 28 years. There is no better description of the damage done to the country by the AKP / MHP coalition, alienated enough to entrust the Kastamonu culture to an uneducated high school dropout.

I cannot imagine the destruction inflicted on the streets of Kastamonu’s Candaroğlu İsmail Bey Trust.

Turkey is how the cooperation of all democratic forces to get rid of this vandalism we do not have to hesitate.

Analysis, Veysi Dündar 3.4.2021

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