Vaccined With Apple Wallet Will Be Used As Evidence

Those who have coronavirus vaccine in Los Angeles will be able to store the vaccinated card in the digital wallet application Apple Wallet application on their iPhone devices. apple wallet digital vaccination card With the good news from the vaccine manufacturers, many countries have started to vaccinate their citizens these days when we are hoping for. The vaccination process, especially in Germany, England, Russia, Australia and the United States, continues to move forward with our increasing hopes. The first delivery of the vaccines produced by the Chinese company Sinovac for our country was made on December 30 and the control process started. For the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine, 500 thousand vaccines are expected to be delivered in the first place and 30 million doses for 2021. The negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the size of the economic support and the fastest developed vaccine with the support of high technology, the Covid-19 vaccines, cause many people to be suspicious. Surveys show that the rate of those who do not want to be vaccinated and those who say I do is almost the same.

European Medicines Agency Attacked, Vaccination Documents Leaked As such, some people argue that vaccination should be made mandatory for the whole world health. He states that those who do not do so should be sanctioned. With the start of vaccination, it seems that some institutions and organizations will require vaccination. For now, it can be said that the PCR test of passengers arriving in the country with international flights has become compulsory, and it can be said as a small signal that vaccination may become mandatory in the future. I am digitally vaccinated card in Apple Wallet apple wallet A center has been created in Los Angeles, USA for vaccinated persons. At this point, vaccination cards suitable for iOS operating systems were started to be created in order to prevent easy loss of written documents. In this way, the vaccinated person will be able to verify with a digital card that he will keep in his Apple Wallet wallet in places that are expected to become mandatory, such as airlines, schools, public institutions.

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The application includes personal privacy with all sides. It is known that conspiracy terrorists will appear with theories befitting fantasy novels. Although confidentiality is seen as a disadvantage in this aspect, it will be easier for people to follow the second dose vaccine by the authorities. Another disadvantage is that it is only available on iOS devices yet. The implementation of the application for all other smartphones will reach a wider audience.

Source: BBC

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