Vacation villa away from the virus for 50 thousand lire

The Corona virus outbreak has changed people’s vacation habits. People who started fleeing mass tourism preferred villas in Antalya to hotels last year.

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coronavirus taking into account the warnings of experts to pay attention to social isolation in the field of measures and public holiday Those who do not want to spend the season at home, more than the hotels last year From Antalya He preferred the villas in the Kalkan district of the Kaş district.

Serving more conservative vacationers before the Corona virus villas They are classified into indoor pool, jacuzzi, ocean view, forest view. The villas are usually rented on a weekly or monthly basis. 2-3 families who know each other can choose the same villa. The weekly prices of the villas vary between 5,000 and 50,000.


According to the Alpaslan Çınar news item from the Hürriyet newspaper, the company’s manager, Hüseyin Gencer, who provides rental services to 550 villas in the Kalkan region, said that the understanding of holidays has changed due to the corona virus. Gencer said they have experienced great dynamism in bookings compared to last year: “Our booking occupancy rates have reached 70 percent compared to last year. We are only concerned about the international market. We are closely monitoring the status. of mutation and coronavirus of British and Russian tourists coming to the region, “he said.

Noting that inbound vacationers’ overnight stays are also extended, Gencer said villas change based on degree of luxury. Gencer said all kinds of comfort are considered in the villas: “Searchers ask about cleaning and fumigation service. They ask about the garden and garden maintenance because they will be spending time in the garden. HEPP codes and identity checks will be They perform for every guest who comes, “he said.


Mutlu Ulutaş, AK Party member, Mayor of Kaş, said he is pleased that the district is so preferred. Speaking about the contribution of tourism to the economy, President Ulutaş said: “People started to flee from mass tourism. The concept of village settled here. Demand increased with the pandemic. Not just for the summer period. Even in winter there is 50 percent occupancy. 50 percent occupancy. It is gradually increasing. It will be 100 percent full in summer. “I hope this concept continues when the pandemic ends,” he said.


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