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In France, opticians (opticians) are obliged to offer glasses to their customers who need them, as required by the law provided for in the scope of the social security program, which must be covered by the state. With this law, those who need it must have their glasses paying a very low fee, but this is not the case. Although stores highlight glasses with cheap offers in their ads, citizens pay an average of 600 euros each time they buy new glasses. So why does such a situation occur?

The conditions of cheap glasses are hidden in small briefs.

Optical brand in France Droit de respectreveals that customers have to pay more because of the small captions on the posters. Drawing attention to the tragicomy of those who need glasses to read the fine print on the signs, the brand uses the fine print from the competitor’s signs in applied tests to calculate the number of eyes of potential customers. In this way, you remember the law and show that your own brand has adopted this situation.

vision test

BETC Paris The Eye Opening Test campaign created by The Eye Opening Test addresses the problem clearly and focuses directly on the result. Droit de Regard, which places mobile eye exam tools at various locations in Paris, offers free eye exams to users at locations where there are advertisements. Users taking the test have the opportunity to read the small articles below, as well as the large articles.

As you remember the social security program that went into effect in 2020, remind those who took the test that they implemented this program. Droit de Regard explains that there are no terms or conditions other than the prices he offers and that they will not charge any fees other than the price they have written in large sources, in addition to disabling rival brands.


Client: Droit de Regard
Brand Manager: Lionel Cevaer
Agency: BETC Paris
Agency Manager: Manon Mangaud
Executive Creative Director: Stephane Xiberras
Editor: Alexandre Girod
Art Director: Julien Vergne
Art Direction Assistant: Mathis Payet
Strategic planning: Philippe Martin Davies, Louis Chahan
General Pop Producer
Director: Augustin Lacap
Post Production Company: General Pop

Visual: YouTube

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