US intelligence units were alleged to use location information on smartphones without permission.

“Intelligence analysts track Americans’ location traffic without the need for additional authorization, positioning data on smartphones,” The New York Times reports, citing secret sources. Statements were included.

In the last 2 and a half years, it was noted that analysts from the federal government’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) conducted 5 separate investigations on a database obtained in the same way and shared the results with the Democratic senator. from Oregon, Ron Wyden.

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It was previously reported in the US media that Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection agencies, which work under the Ministry of Homeland Security, used location data on phones to track immigrants and investigate detained immigrants.


The New York Times reported that Muslim Pro, an app with prayer and Quran content often used by Muslims, also sold its users’ location data to the US military through a broker called X-Mode.

Following the disclosure of the incident in November 2020, Muslim Pro said it would stop sharing data with X-Mode, and Apple and Google companies announced that they would block apps that collect data from phones that use tracking software.

While the U.S. government must issue a court order under law enacted in 2018 to compel phone companies to share location data, the same law states that permission is not required if the government buys and uses data from a runner.


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