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Since the beginning of the epidemic, scientists, technologists and designers; Try to produce solutions that will protect our health and improve our lives. This type of solutions that allow sharing public spaces while preserving social distance we often post. One of the things most used by technological innovations in terms of disinfection protection UVC light occurred. Roosegaarde Study Apply the UVC light solution in public spaces. URBAN SUN Take a promising step with your projects.

URBAN SUN is a beacon of hope to strengthen the fight against the epidemic

A scientific investigation It showed that when exposed to far UVC rays (far UVC), 99.9% of coronaviruses disappear. Of course, you will have questions about the health dangers of UV rays. Because ultraviolet radiation can damage the skin and eyes. Therefore, traditional 254nm UVC light sources are carcinogenic. However, as indicated in this scientific research, far ultraviolet light with a wavelength between 207 and 222 nanometers can neutralize microbes without damaging the skin. Here, it can give UVC light to the designated area. URBAN SUN It was designed inspired by these scientific investigations. Its purpose is to provide a healthier environment for public gatherings.

URBAN SUN Roosegaarde Study as a symbol of hope. Draft; Its objective is to improve conditions in cultural and artistic encounters, sporting events, public squares and school gardens. Therefore, he struggles with the negative effects of social isolation. Although we cannot beat the virus for a long time, it is a sign that we can live with it. Who knows, maybe when URBAN SUN and similar solutions multiply, we will have a better quality of life where we largely free ourselves from restrictions and prohibitions. Additionally, these projects can act as an additional layer of protection to existing rules. For example, we will run less risk when we have to be next to someone without a mask.

For now, it can only be used outdoors and at night.

To the Roosegaarde team in the development of URBAN SUN; Experts and scientists from the Netherlands, the United States, Japan and Italy also contributed. The remote UVC light source used in the design was measured and calibrated by the Netherlands National Metrology Institute VSL. Therefore, it is claimed to meet the safety standards set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

It has caught your attention; All the news images show examples of night use of the product. Currently, URBAN SUN can only be used after sunset. The reason for this is that the light it emits is invisible during the day and the boundaries of the safe zone cannot be seen during the day. The visible ring marks the boundary of Urban Sun. Far UVC can be seen with the human eye. That is why Studio Roosegaarde has added additional features where purified space can be visible. The product, which is currently suitable for exteriors, can be applied indoors. However, additional modeling is necessary.

URBAN SUN is not an alternative to mask and distance

The factors that determine the height at which Urban Sun will be placed are variable. Predicted coverage area, wind, capacity, and structures in or around the space all play a role in determining this height. When installing, it should be done in accordance with these and other factors. Again, the cost becomes apparent with these factors. Many factors must be considered, such as location, desired coverage, and specific site requirements. For detailed offers from interested parties, visit Studio Roosegaarde’s [email protected] You need to send an email to your address.

Studio Roosegaarde supports the claim that URBAN SUN cleans the uvc-reflected areas of the virus on its website. However, what they gave Dezeen at the interviewstated that people should wear masks and keep their distance even when URBAN SUN is active. While they reduce risk, they say, “we do not intend to prevent infection for everyone.” On the other hand, they will continue to develop URBAN SUN with new contributions from the world of science, design and culture. For the moment, they emphasize that “it is not the only source of protection, it has an additional quality of protection.” They say that the areas where URBAN SUN is used should be considered “more secure”, not “secure”.

Located in Rotterdam, URBAN SUN provides protection in an area of ​​approximately 100 square meters. The team is also working on larger and smaller versions that provide 3,500 square meters of protection.


Picture: Roosegaarde Study

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