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Anne Mantzaris, formerly with stop-motion “Movement Limiting Stroke” and “Enough” attracted attention very interesting director. With the felt characters made in a certain style and the way they handle events, you can understand that a movie belongs to them from the get-go. Swedish director this time Good intentions He is prosecuting his guilt with his film.

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Guilt is a feeling that even the best-intentioned people experience in one form or another. Of course, the dimensions of the crime vary. Some feel guilty for breaking a person’s heart, while others have to bear the brunt of greater crimes. Once this emotion captures a person, the anxiety experienced can cause a paralysis of time and rational perspective for that person. Good Intentions handles this entire emotional process.


Run or face?

The character in the film lives in the heaviest version of his guilt. He is trying to survive in the shadow of this crime after he escapes and leaves the driver in the car he crashed in. Stop taking care of yourself and keep eating chips. He fears that, at the slightest incident, other people will understand what he is doing. While all of this is going on, some changes begin to take place in your body. His body glows at times and looks like a ghost. After seeing the person he hit, he concentrates on the moment when he will face him without his help.

Good intentions

Good Intentions is Anna Mantzaris’ graduation project at the Royal College of Art in London. Following its premiere at the BFI London Film Festival, it has been shown at over 130 festivals and won numerous awards. The movie was released on Vimeo last November and was featured as a Staff Pick.

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