UK car production drops to 36-year low

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In the statement made by the British Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (SMMT), it was indicated that the total number of cars produced in the country in 2020 decreased by 29.3 percent to 920,928.

According to the latest data, car production in the UK has also been the lowest since 1984.

The total number of cars produced in the country in 2019 was 1 million 303 thousand 135.

According to data from SMMT, the number of cars produced for the UK domestic market in 2020 decreased by 30.4 percent to 171,890, and the number of cars produced for the foreign market decreased by 29.1 to 749 thousand 38.

According to the data, 53.5 percent of vehicles exported by the United Kingdom in 2020 are to the European Union (EU), 17.7 percent to the United States, 7.6 percent to China and 3 , 5 percent to Japan, 2.6 percent to Turkey, 2.1 percent to Australia and 1.7 percent to South Korea.

Commenting on the data, SMMT Senior Manager Mike Hawes said: “The epidemic caused factories to close. “The decline in consumer demand led to the lowest production in a generation.”

Stating that vaccines to combat the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) raised optimism about 2021, Hawes noted that despite the decline in car production last year, 8 out of 10 vehicles produced in the UK are still exported.


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