Two new indices from the Central Registry Agency

It was indicated that the data from the Central Registration Agency (MKK) Public Disclosure Platform (PDP) and PDP Billing Index, prepared by the Central Registration Agency (MKK), will begin to be published.

In the statement made on the MKK website, you will provide an opportunity to follow changes in profits and turnover of companies listed on the Borsa Istanbul stock market with indices prepared collectively and on a sectoral basis, from So that the total profit and Turnover analysis can be done with a single graph, and the industry trends It was stated that it could be.

The KAP earnings index and KAP turnover rates can be accessed on the index page of the data analysis platform (VAP). With the completion of the 2020 dataset after the fourth quarter financial reporting period, the first update will take place on March 25, 2021. Updates will be posted on the 10th business day following the financial reporting deadline for 3, 6, 9 and 12 month periods to PDP. ”Statements were included.

KAP Profit Index

In the statement, it was emphasized that all companies listed on the Borsa Istanbul stock market will be included in the KAP earnings index, without market discrimination, and it was stated that sectoral earnings trend analysis can be performed with four Separate KAP earnings indices covering the Industrial, Financial, Services and Technology sectors, as well as the main index.

CAP billing index

In the PDP Turnover Index, companies (banks, insurance companies, factoring and leasing companies, brokerages, investment trusts, real estate companies) that are listed on the Borsa Istanbul Stock Market are included in the sector “Institutions financial “. except for “Holdings and Investment Companies”, investment trusts, venture capital investment trusts), and that industry, services and technology sector specific PDP turnover rates will be calculated in addition to the main index.

PDP index calculation method

In the statement, it was stated that PDP indices are nominal indices and that the sum of earnings / income from the last year back to the relevant quarter is calculated by dividing by the sum of adjusted earnings / income from the base period and multiplying by 100 by every quarter.

In the statement, which recorded that the base period was the end of 2016, it was indicated that the initial value of the index was determined at 100.

In the statement, it was stated that only earnings / revenue figures in the financial statements, which are regulated within the scope of the Capital Markets Board’s financial information release and announced in the PDP, will be used in the index calculations. .

When there is a difference between the period in which the calculation is made and the period in which the comparison is made for the companies within the scope, the positive / negative effect of the profits / income of said companies on the total profit for the period / Income is eliminated by adjusting the base value and index continuity is provided. [email protected] for any question It was also reminded that you can contact MKK’s Corporate Governance and Investor Services Directorate at the address.


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