Twitter to appoint representatives in Turkey – Webrazzi

Turkey in the Internet ecosystem, the most controversial issue is undoubtedly one of the last few years, social media and the global social media company passed laws affecting his life a while ago. Because the Proposal for a Law to Modify the Law for the Regulation of Internet Broadcasts and the Fight against Crimes Committed through Internet Broadcasts, which was accepted by the TGNA Justice Commission, was accepted by parliament and became law in July.

We have been sharing the news about this law for some time, which has a 5-stage process. Consequently, the companies that did not declare a legal representative in the first period were fined 10 million TL each; In the second period, the sanction applied to companies that continued without making the same notification increased to TL 30 million. After this sanction, companies such as TikTok and YouTube, including Facebook, accepted the status of representative. In recent months, Twitter, Pinterest, and Periscope have been banned from advertising.

Twitter has decided to appoint representatives in Turkey. Therefore, all the actively used social media platform Pinterest, except for Turkey, recalled that it had announced that it would have a representative in Turkey. If Twitter is a time penalty facing inability to get publicity from Turkey by deciding to comply with its legal obligations, it will not face narrow band punishment. However, no official statement on the matter was shared.

Social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook decided to appoint a representative after the fines. In particular, he wondered how Twitter would follow in this regard. Now, eyes are turning to Pinterest. If Pinterest does not accept delegation, you will face a gang throttling penalty, slowing down access.

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