Twitter, Revue integration in Turkey started to be tested

Twitter based in the Netherlands, which makes it possible to earn income from email newsletters Magazine. In the first days of this month, the closed beta process of integration of Twitter and Revue USA and India starting company, which also opens user integration in Turkey.

Twitter has made no statement on when it will open the Revue integration to all of its users. The integration appears as a new tab in the window that opens when you click the plus option. When you click on the newsletter tab, you come across a small pop-up window. This popup contains the following statement.

“Are you looking for other ways to reach your target audience? Are you ready to make your work profitable? Time to try @ Revue, the Twitter newsletter tool for writers and publishers.”

When you click the pop-up window, you are directed to Revue. The site sent new users to Twitter’s Revue blog post for detailed information. leader. Then you can easily create and schedule a newsletter by following the steps on the blog.

Thanks to the Twitter integration, it is also possible to insert Tweets into the newsletter and easily publish and schedule the newsletter on Twitter. Revue’s family mailing list import, engagement analysis, and paid subscription models continue to exist as well.

The property can be opened to a limited number of users at this time for Turkey. In order for writers and editors to produce more content and thus increase engagement on the platform, Twitter can also choose not to open the feature to all users. Soon to test paid features for brands and users. The business you started can also include Revue in this long-term plan.

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