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People of the Turkish Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (TUSIAD), Turkey made a statement on the withdrawal of the Istanbul Convention on the decision taken.

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The following statements were made in TÜSİAD’s written statement:

“The full name of Turkey is” Violence against women and prevention of domestic violence and the Council of Europe Convention to combat “the Istanbul Agreement end, it fosters a distorted mentality that fuels all kinds of violence against women. Please indicate if the fight against violence to facilitate compensation produces results that are not possible.

Each case of male violence against women will remind the conscience of the lack of the Istanbul Convention. Law no. 6284 and the Istanbul Convention are the most important pillars in the fight against violence.

Last year, when the discussion about Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention came up, the community seemed to have many different segments of the Convention passed in the mass consciousness movement in politics.

For; It is a humanitarian responsibility to unite all political parties and segments of society against violence, regardless of their opinions.
Contrary to defamation and distortion, the Istanbul Convention exists to combat all forms of violence against women and to protect victims of violence, regardless of who they are. The Istanbul Convention, which protects human rights, should not be subject to struggles in the field of politics.


That must not be forgotten; Violence against women is a violation of human rights. The Istanbul Convention is also an international commitment based on human rights. We see with regret that the decision taken today damages our country’s reputation in terms of human rights, also in the eyes of international public opinion.

Our calling; It means not compromising on any measures taken to end violence against women.

Reassessing the decision to annul the Istanbul Convention with attention to the general public’s conscience will be the biggest indicator of the understanding of zero tolerance in the fight against violence. “

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