TurkStat announced that the Labor Market Advisory Board was established

Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), in a statement on its website, Turkstat, Turkey in order to identify changes in the Statistical Law with the economic and social structures of the country organizing research on various topics at certain intervals, and It is claimed that they advertise their results.

The changes that are taking place in the world and in Turkey in a statement also expressed that they affect the field of statistics since all areas of the organization, arose this to improve the effectiveness of the new requirement that continuously updates the structure and to give response to emerging needs. The studies carried out related to the development of the research were recorded.

In the declaration, the following expressions were used:

“In this context, the international standard statistical system, user-oriented and sustainable created with the vision of the Turkish statistical system in all data comparability, to ensure consistency and ensure the integration of all data produced in January 2021, It was established.

The Board, Presidential Decree No. 4, ‘Advisory boards may be established to benefit from the expertise, experience and opinions of real and legal persons in matters necessary in censuses, research and project studies, and to ensure the implementation of the latest techniques and scientific methods’. It was created within the scope of Article 607, which includes the provision “.

It was noted that the Advisory Board was established to assess the labor market in the country according to national needs and international developments and held its first meeting on February 4, and it was noted that the board is made up of representatives of academics and organizations non-governmental. organizations working in the field of economics.

In the statement, which also included the list of board members, the following was recorded:

“It is considered that the Advisory Council will make significant contributions to the data collection, processing, publication and communication processes, as well as to the management and development of labor market indicators calculated within the framework of international norms and standards, in the best way reflects the conditions of the country, the creation of advisory boards on other matters that may be necessary is foreseen.

The quality assurance framework of the Turkish Statistical Institute in the field of accessibility and transparency of the minutes of the Advisory Board meetings and documents related to ETI Internet access will be provided on the page. “

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