Turkish Medical Association: Standardization Steps Bring Repetition of New Wave

The Ministry of Health announced that the table of 19 patients from Covidien Turkey. According to data from Saturday, February 20, with the completion of 118 thousand 911 tests, the total number of tests reached 32 million 217 thousand 77.

With 635 patients presenting symptoms today, 7,857 new cases were detected, the total number of cases increased to 2 million 631 thousand 876. Losses of life also increased by 80 to 27 thousand 983.


As can be seen from the chart below, the number of patients in Turkey stubbornly does not decrease. Also, the reason why the number of patients is not increasing is inadequate testing:








Stating that the measurements should be increased rather than decreased, HASUDER Manager Prof. Dr. Sarp Üner said that the positivity rate in tests doubled from 3.2 percent to 6.2 percent in one month. The Secretary General of the Turkish Medical Association (TTB), Vedat Bulut, said that the immunization period has not yet been completed in vaccination, “As a TTB, we believe that a full shutdown is required for 14-28 days. In this process, social economic support must be provided, and vaccination must be completed quickly so that society is immune to 70 percent.


Turkish Medical Association: the third wave may hit


The Turkish Medical Association (TTB) warned about the normalization steps that the Ministry of Health should take according to the number of cases and the vaccination rate in the provinces. The TTB statement said: “Taking the steps of ‘normalization’ in a process in which we lose about 100 people every day brings the repetition of a new wave.”


According to the decision made at last week’s cabinet meeting, normalization measures against the new type of coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19) will be taken at the provincial level starting on March 1. In this context, the Ministry of Health announced the risk levels of the number of cases and the vaccination rate in the provinces.

In making a statement about the risk map, TTB used the following statements:

















“In a process where there is not enough vaccination for social immunity, the epidemic has not yet been brought under control, mutant variants are spreading and we lose almost 100 people every day due to COVID-19, taking ‘normalization’ measures brings a repeat of a new wave.


“The burden of the epidemic should not fall solely on a certain segment. State social facilities should be used for the benefit of society while taking measures to prevent contagion at the social level.



Why is Erdogan in a hurry to normalize?


sustains the pulse of small merchants “Turkey Traditional Channel Pulse: REM Merchants Barometer” of the results of January 2021, in particular the current concerns of this population live the greatest problem with the growing limitations due to the second wave of the epidemic displayed dramatically.


In this sense, the most striking result emerged in the thinking of traders, especially about economic support. Consequently, 75 per cent of traders consider that the economic measures taken in the field of the epidemic are “insufficient” and “absolutely insufficient”. The proportion of those who find it “absolutely unsatisfactory” is 32%, while 10% say “adequate” and 2% say “absolutely sufficient”. According to the report, during this survey period, traders stated that they are expecting new support packages.


Erdogan wants to use the budget on megaprojects instead of feeding Covid-19 victims. Furthermore, he could have relied on the good news from Health Minister Fahrettin Koca that we will receive 105 million doses of vaccine by the end of April. If we want to achieve herd immunity in mid-May, financial problems can be reduced by tolerating an increase in the number of cases for one or two months.

The problem is: if vaccines are delayed, or resistant variants appear, we will completely miss the summer season.


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The cost of standardization is an increase of 10-15 percent


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