Turkey keiretsu forum, 55 company so far has invested 75 million pounds

Angel Investor Network Keiretsu forum Turkey last year, three-dimensional analysis of the body Digimee-logistics Packupp Y Promoter, real estate technologies Missafir, goods exchange platform Barty, Nicat battery technologies, innovative drink Reneva, Magistum educational technologies, psychological support My home psychologist and financial technologies To Paratic you invested.

Noting that they have invested TL 75 million in 55 startups since 2012, the CEO of the platform.

His goals in 2021

Keiretsu, while noting that Forum is the only global angel investment network in Turkey, “2021 technology-based, revenue-generating, $ 3 million will focus more on initiatives with lower valuation than valuation. Both global than both they meet the expectations of the majority of investments in Turkey “We are designing innovative initiatives that have consolidated their legal personality, started to issue invoices, technology-based, scalable, with rapid growth potential, such as the investment area of Keiretsu Forum”. Therefore, Turkey’s keiretsu forum, which will generate income without distinction from the industry in 2021, innovative, will continue to invest in companies with high growth potential.

How is the decision to invest made?

Like the Keiretsu Forum, it is not under an organizational fund structure. As a network of angel investors, your investors invest individually or as a group. From this point of view, it is not possible for us to carry out investment planning institutionally. At the Keiretsu Forum, investment processes are determined in at least 3 meetings in 45 days. At the first meeting, the Initiative Selection Meeting, the relevant investors become clear about the initiatives that pass the phase-out process at the second meeting, namely the Investor Forum Meeting. In the last meeting, the ‘Deep Dive’ meeting focuses on investing. Investors make investment decisions by taking advantage of the insightful documents provided.

“The pandemic did not slow down investment processes, it sped up. The number of our investor members and the number of our investments increased during the pandemic. Physical meetings stopped due to the pandemic. As the Keiretsu Forum, we are now maintaining our investment. meetings at Zoom. During the pandemic process, our investment and investor profile did not change. On the contrary, the number of our investor members and the number of investments increased a lot. ”

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