Türk-İş: The limit of hunger continued to rise, the support provided is insufficient

The April results of the “Hunger and Poverty Line Survey” conducted by Türk-İş every month in order to reveal the livelihoods of employees and determine the effects of price changes on companies were announced. basic needs on the family budget.

According to the investigation, it is stated that the livelihoods of the employees are deteriorating due to the increase in prices and the social support payments are insufficient;

– The increase in food prices continued during the month of Ramadan. Kitchen inflation increased 1.14 percent monthly and 17.99 percent year-on-year.

– The “hunger limit”, which refers to the amount of food expenditure that a family of 4 must make to have a healthy, balanced and adequate diet, was determined at 2,767 TL for this month. This figure was calculated at 2,736 in the previous month.

– The ‘poverty line’, which corresponds to the total amount of other expenses required for food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, health and similar needs, was 9 thousand 13 liras (8 thousand 912 liras in March).

– The ‘cost of living’ of a single employee was calculated at 3,336 lire per month.

– The monthly expenditure on food (kitchen expenditure) of a family of four increased by TL 393 and the total expenditure required (family budget) increased by TL 1,281 compared to the previous year. At the end of only the first four months of the year, the additional burden on the family budget was 577.26 TL.

According to data from Türk-İş, the change in kitchen inflation in April is as follows:

– The minimum amount of spending for a family of 4 living in Ankara on food has increased by 1.14 percent compared to the previous month.

– While the price increase reached 6.84 percent in the first quarter of the year, the rate of increase in food inflation was 16.56 percent from the last 12 months. No significant price change was detected in the milk, yogurt and cheese group. The prices of minced and cubed meat increased by 2 lira per kilogram, while the price of chicken remained the same.

– This month price changes were observed for a total of 25 products, 19 vegetables and 6 fruits. The study warned that the restriction and curfew applied on weekends by the epidemic would be applied in the form of ‘full closure’, which would lead to a problematic process for market traders.

Income distribution problems worsened

In the report, which emphasized that during the corona epidemic and the bans, the income and job security of millions of people with limited and fixed incomes were reduced, especially salaried ones, the following assessment was made:

“The livelihood problem gradually worsened as a result of negative working conditions, on the one hand, and continued price increases, on the other. The protection of wage income and income support for those in need during the epidemic period is an important social state practice. During the epidemic period of more than a year, protection payments such as unemployment, short-term work and cash wage support paid under some economic measures were regrettably insufficient. The employees were not able to “live a life worthy of human dignity” with their family. Inequality in income distribution has increased poverty on the one hand and wealth on the other, the gap has gradually widened.

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