Turbot entered the counter from 250 lire per kilo

The fishing rate for turbot, which is observed especially in these months in the Black Sea, has decreased notably in recent years. The turbot, which is threatened by uncontrolled hunting, attracts attention due to its high price. Stating that some of the shields sold are below legal stature, Prof. Dr. Saadet Karakulak said that hunting must be organized to protect turbot, whose catch rate has decreased by 90 percent.

The most delicious Turkish cuisine. the fishThe turbot, which is one of the most common in February-March-April, does not make fishermen and fish lovers happy this year. While Kalkan, one of the most consumed industrial fish species, is caught mainly from the Black Sea, it scores well below expectations.

According to Milliyet’s report, the price of flatfish, which is expected to be caught in large quantities throughout March, starts at 250 TL at fishing stalls. While the size and sharpness of the buttons on the back of the buttonfish’s shield is considered the first indicator of its quality and flavor, its poor catch in recent years has caused prices to rise.

Sold at TL 120 per kilo in June 2020 to protect fishThe rapid decline in the catch rate is confirmed by statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture.


Kalkan, which was caught mainly in the Black Sea and with trawl nets for being a deep fish, was hunted for 2,700 tonnes in 2010 and just 272 tonnes in 2019.

While the prey rate shows that turbot is no longer an industrial species, it is also produced on farms with very long and expensive methods. Saadet Karakulak, a professor at the Faculty of Aquatic Sciences at Istanbul University, said that stocks of the shield have reached the point of collapse even in the Black Sea.

Teacher. Dr. Karakulak said: “Unfortunately, there has been a big drop in stocks in recent years. Although it is a species that we have to protect, extremes hunting threat destroying delicious fish. With the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union, steps are being taken to improve their populations in the Black Sea. The EU wants to regulate the turbot fishing in the Black Sea through these two countries. Hunting of turbot should be completely banned for a time and stocks should be corrected. The EU wants to introduce a quota system for hunting. Our suggestion is to adjust the hunting rate, “he said.

Teacher. Dr. Karakulak said that turbot is not preferred because it takes 3 years to produce and requires a large investment.


The shield, which can be seen in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara seas, is hunted mainly in the Black Sea. The Kalkan fish, living at a depth of 20-27 meters and at the bottom, can reach maturity after 50 cm. Turbot length up to 1 meter legal catch size of 45 cm in Turkey. Suleyman Dilsiz, author and fish chef of Fish Without Fish, said: “Now is the season to eat turbot, which is scarce, but the stalls are fewer, small and very expensive. We know that some of the fish in the stalls come from Romania. and Bulgaria, I knew there are fishermen who sell it as turbot, however the taste of the turbot caught around Sinop is not enough.


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