True Face of Love:Wild Love

In the universe of animation, we come across unique examples of how love and relationships are handled. Creating a universe made of wool with a selection of materials and an incredible capacity for expression are among the most beautiful examples that I cannot forget. A love story there are. Addressing the troubled relationship of a stop-motion animation couple with stop-motion animation Dolls don’t cry I think it was one of our most beautiful discoveries. Sebaldo DEMIR ADAM The short film of creature and love by Stas Santimov The substitute He had cleverly mixed the element of fear at work. Now again, an animated short that draws on both the horror genre and the philosophy of love at the same time. Wild love that we have in front of us.

A Proven Love Running From Groundhogs: Wild Love

Wild love It is not actually a horror animation, but a genre of black humor. However, some stereotypes that we are used to from horror movies set in the woods were also used in the film. The lead groundhogs (a rodent in the ground squirrel subspecies of the squirrel family) are cute and angry enough to be fatal for what happened to them. The people they are angry with are our partner who came camping in the woods. It all starts when this couple accidentally killed one of these marmots while taking the photo. Due to this death, our groundhogs decide to take revenge on this couple. For the young woman at the helm, it’s probably not revenge that hurts the most. Because the real pain in running from groundhogs comes from your partner.

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Wild love

In fact, I am somewhat ambivalent about productions that portray animals or nature as vengeful or terrifying. While the rights of these souls, who cannot protect themselves from the wickedness of people, are usurped every day, I do not know how correct it is to derive such characters from them. On the other hand, the great teacher Alfred Hitchcock Birds We cannot deny that there is such a horror tradition, from film to horror movies today. In addition, Wild Love has a fiction that directs the anger of the audience towards the young woman’s boyfriend. Who is the savage, the groundhogs or the man who hit his beloved at the last moment?

Wild love

This black humor short film made by animation students from the Ecole des Nouvelles Images lasts about 7 minutes. A lot of awarded and appears on Vimeo when choosing Staff Pick. The students of the creative team are the following; Paul Autric, Quentin Camus, Léa Georges, Maryka Laudet, Zoé Sottiaux, Corentin Yvergniaux.

Picture: Wild love

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