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As the tourism sector completes its preparations for the new normal period, the competitive exchange rate policy on foreign exchange prices attracted the attention of vacationing tourists. In addition to tourist destinations like Antalya, Bodrum, and Çeşme, tourists visiting Istanbul and Izmir started buying houses in these cities for both investment and living. Dr. Ali Gökçiler, specialist in real estate marketing, said that demand will increase with the start of the tourist season.

The Covid-19 wounds, which affect the entire world, are beginning to heal in all sectors. Evaluating this period as the post-pandemic period, Dr. Ali Gokce continued, “We are a country of Turkey, how powerful even in the pandemic, we saw people who choose to live in our countries all over the world. Now the tourist season begins. . We see that most tourists who come to our country want to live in our country, “he said. Turkey’s pandemic sales affect health infrastructure in the process of describing Gokce,” the modern health system was the most important factor attracting foreigners’ attention. “The effect of competitive dollar exchange policy in Turkey, reached our country at even more attractive real estate prices. They became the subject of Turkey’s natural beauty and dominance of the design in projects that added to a notable interest. We also see the demands that come to our sales offices. The statistics also say so. Health tourism and tourism tourism affect dir specifically to the real estate sector. We have high hopes this year, ”he said. Stating that Russians and Germans lead the way, Gökçiler “76.5 percent of Russians and 64 percent of Germans invest from our country to come on vacation. The budget they allocate for their average real estate investment starts at an average of TL 1 million. During the time they live here, they also provide significant foreign exchange earnings with their contribution to the economy. “

“The volume of tourism directly affects the real estate sector”

Tourism and the real estate market of common foreign producers pointed out that Gokce, “the introduction of the common market abroad to Turkey two sectors. While the masses that will bring more foreign currency to our country are aimed at tourism, the masses with greater power In fact, this is our common denominator. We anticipate that the psychology of social closure in the pandemic will turn into a tourist boom this summer. This will also directly affect the volume of life, moving to our country, working here and produce ”.

BRIC countries except Brazil are here

Emphasizing that there is serious demand from foreign buyers for hotel investments put up for sale as a result of the economic downturn during the pandemic period, Gökçiler said: investment and funds see our country turning this period into an opportunity ”. During this period, Turkey has been taken under the brands of foreign investors except Gokcen, “especially the Asian countries led by China and India, the Eastern Bloc region under the leadership of the Gulf Region and the Russians, in pursuit of large investments”. The locomotive countries of the developing economy other than Brazil, one of the BRIC countries, are in a serious search. They rolled up their sleeves especially to buy tourist facilities. They want to take advantage of the opportunities, ”he said.

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