To Option HR Manager Hande Erener Gürani: “We and the candidates gain speed by moving the process completely to digital”

The Corona virus epidemic, which has been going on for more than a year, has changed recruitment processes. Face-to-face job interviews gave way to online interviews. By offering integrated solutions to collective living space managers, from CRM to financial management, from maintenance tracking to digital security systems, A Option brought its hiring processes entirely to channels in line with the pandemic. The company, all interviews are now conducted through online platforms. Option Human resources manager Hande Erener Gürani He says that moving the process to digital completely sped up them and the candidates, adding: “We have saved time in our recruiting processes by conducting online interviews with our candidates.”

How does A Option evaluate candidates?

Gürani talks to candidates through online channels and explains the company, job descriptions, and processes. Get to know the candidates, even from the camera, and hire the right candidates. A Option has employed more than 50 people since March 2020. Serving 1 million 963 thousand 332 people living in 13 thousand 643 sites and 964 thousand 680 residences, A Option is looking for new candidates for positions such as Backend Software, Frontend Software, Test Specialist, Product Specialist. Gürani sums up how candidates search for which position, saying: “When evaluating candidates, we care more about their desire to learn, their research skills, and their efforts to improve themselves than about their experiences.”

Gürani says that with the development of technology and work methodologies, different roles and definitions have entered our lives. He states that the field of software has gained much more critical importance in 5 years and adds: “Now it is much more important that we reach human resources that adapt to agile business processes. Regardless of the sector we are in, it can be It is necessary to compete with all sectors in the hiring processes. It has become much more critical to reach the human resources that follow up and adopt the principle of continuous development. We anticipate that all processes in the world of technology will become more digital and robotic systems will touch many areas of our lives. We will start using it. “

The average age of the employees is 29 …

The average age of employees at A Option is 29 … Gürani says that Gen Z is very nice to work with and says: “They can easily access information and keep up to date much faster. Gen Z is developing very fast, learning, dynamic, We think it is a young and agile generation, which adds speed and strength. It is very important that our collaborators sign successful projects, but the concept of having fun together is also very valuable. Trying to create an environment of fun work. Our office has different social areas such as recreation and children’s games. In this way, we also support socialization within the company. “

Hande Erener Gürani, qualified to work in technology companies in Turkey, talks about the difficulty in finding human resources. However, the reason for this, he thinks is caused by the failure of the educational system in Turkey and so he remembers thinking like this: “I have a very good education than universities and institutions in the field of software in Turkey. Important issues rather than training here; people’s technology is close by to keep track and up-to-date technology is constant Technology and software are progressing so rapidly that human resources in this field must be developed in a way that supports their education academically or in courses, do a lot of research, do individual projects outside of work, and constantly follow technology and developments. “

Hande Erener Gürani concludes by listing his suggestions for job interviews for new candidates: “I think honesty is very important in interviews. They should be open and honest with interviewees. If they have had work or internship experience before, as much detail as possible about their experiences during the interview. Being able to explain the work done in detail also shows how well the job is mastered. They should definitely do some research on the company before the interview. Be interested in the job description and the company, being curious, and doing research will ensure that interest is always high during the interview. If there is a topic that is not understood during the process, they should definitely ask. They should not hesitate to ask questions. The interview is a mutual evaluation process. Therefore, no question mark should remain in the minds of the candidates Lastly, my advice matters most nte is that they should never miss the smile on their faces.

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