TL keeps losing value …

The moderate depreciation of the Turkish lira continues into its fourth day. The increase in the central bank’s reserve requirement ratios in the morning was mainly to support the TL. However, the calculation that this transaction will have limited effects while increasing the interest rate rather than increasing the interest rate and, of course, the direction of the global markets continues to put pressure on TL.

Although the statements of Fed Chairman Powell pointed to the continuation of monetary incentives and limited the interest rate of US bonds in the short term, it is known that inflation in the United States will increase in the coming months. This, of course, will put pressure on the currencies of developing countries.

After falling below 6.90 last week, the depreciation of the Dollar / TL that started on Friday has brought the Dollar / TL to the 7.12 level this morning. While the Euro / TL was at 8.36 last week, the lowest level in the last six months, it is at 8.66 this morning.

aşıklan to Turkey next week for the last quarter of 2020 growth (7% average expectations) and inflation rates will be the effective TL direction for February. In particular, the expectation that the inflation rate will continue to rise may lead to further weakening of the LT due to the strict policy rate of 17 percent. Turkey last night for the United States to completely renounce S-400 DE LA gerektiğiaçıkl negatively impacted on the TL.


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