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Today’s musical artists yearn for two things: Tik Tok Global virality and longevity in their careers on platforms like. Mick Fleetwood It happened to both. With over 50 years of industry experience as a founding member of Fleetwood Mac, Mick was also part of the biggest TikTok viral trend of 2020. The artist who met with TikTok’s global music director Ole Obermann at the SXSW 2021 session; He talked about pursuing a music career, the role of technology in shaping trends and culture, and the part that went viral again in 2020.

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Last year 420doggface208 A named TikTok user recorded a video on a drink skateboard in his hand. The video was so popular that it quickly went viral. The song in the video was Dreams, released in 1977 by the band Fleetwood Mac. The song became a hit years later. Even the band’s drummer, Mick Fleetwood, recorded a video on his skateboard as Nathan Apodaca (420doggface208) and uploaded it to Tiktok.

If the artist feels good, he should go after his work.

Mick Fleetwood sees joining TikTok as a musician as the artist who joins a band, a family. On this platform, musicians receive comments when they share their work. Encounters with objective viewing angles. Maybe someone is enjoying them or some don’t like them. The artist, who receives these feedbacks, understands that whatever he does, his works can be liked more and tries to produce better works, sometimes he can make an instant change, sometimes he tries the same a few more times and can see how these works they reflect on people.

The advice Mick gives young musicians who are afraid and hesitant to share their work on these platforms is to listen to their instincts. He advises that if the work they do makes them feel good, if they can bond with it, pursue it and fight for it. He says that they must realize that the TikTok platform is a real scene that they have been given, and if they become part of it, they will see that they really have something special in them, they can trust and believe in themselves, they will see similar feelings in other people and you will find that you are not alone.

People who are curious about some of the tracks that are heard on Tiktok, listen to them all on other platforms.

Ole mentions that when a track is liked on TikTok, other viewers bought this song and added a video on it, that this track was used by millions of people in hours, days, and weeks, and then these tracks were uploaded to the top of the music charts on platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music. He says that although a small part of these songs is included in the videos on TikTok, people are curious about these artists on music platforms and try to get to know them more deeply and listen to their other songs and albums. These songs are no longer just a song on the music chart, they are becoming part of popular culture with their visual and creative interactions on TikTok.

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