Those who stay with another person will be able to make their address change notification through e-government.

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Ali Taha Koç, President of the Presidency’s Office of Digital Transformation, stated that their goal is to provide many services in the easiest and safest way to meet the needs of citizens and that they continue to work in this direction.

Explaining that those who live at the address where another person is registered for various reasons can now make their declaration through the Electronic Government Portal, Koç said,

“Many young people who are educated with their relatives in the city despite the fact that their parents are in town, our students who rent a house together for their university education, our adult citizens who stay with a relative for various reasons will now be able to make your address statements through the Electronic Government Gate. They also applied individually to population addresses. Now all these men have gone digital and can be done through the Electronic Government Gate. “


Of service 2 stages Stating that Koç, the citizen who is registered at the address first Service “Consent for the declaration of address” He stated that the person who will make an address notification by electronic signature, mobile signature or text message must confirm the transaction by entering the information of first name, last name and identity number.

Koç, as a second step, for citizens who will make a change of address, Through the service “Notification of change of address (for coexistence / with consent)” He noted that he will select the consent and address information displayed on the screen and confirm the transaction again with electronic signature, mobile signature, or text message verification.

Newborn child birth notifications can be made The “New Birth Certificate Request Appointment” service also Koç said that it was launched on the electronic government portal and affirmed that 20 services such as declaration of marriage, divorce, adoption and testament abroad were offered under the name of “Other population events.”

Koc, Turkey’s e-government to facilitate the digital face every day is the arrival gate and citizens, adding that life was formed.

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