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Hot summer days are fast approaching. Today, where health is more important than anything else, we must do our best to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It is important to protect ourselves not only on the beach, but also when we exercise outdoors or need to spend time outside to work. In recent years we have presented very good awareness campaigns on this issue. Soltan’s parents warn of permanent damage from UVA rays creative postersNivea teaches children to use sunscreen dolls It was one of the best examples of this. SPOTMYUV The named wearable technology product is a new solution that will provide protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The First Clinically Proven UV Detection Label SPOTMYUV

The SPOTMYUV smart tag detects when your sunscreen loses its effect during prolonged sun exposure and instantly notifies you to reapply sunscreen. The product is touted as the world’s first clinically proven UV detection label.

The principle of operation of the tag is quite simple. Before applying sunscreen, it adheres to the skin so that the sticker remains under the sunscreen. The color of the label gradually turns purple as the sun’s rays break down the chemical blockers in sunscreen. In other words, when the cream layer becomes insufficient, the label informs the user of being exposed to UV rays just like the user’s skin. When the sticker turns completely purple, it’s time to pull the shade or apply some more sunscreen.

The stickers are equipped with a proprietary SPF detection layer that allows them to understand the differences between SPF and UV levels, just like human skin does. When enough sunscreen is applied, the sticker’s UV sensor ink can detect that the SPF levels are sufficient and becomes transparent again.

Each sticker lasts up to 12 hours and costs $ 7.99 in six packs online available for purchase.




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