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Founder and CEO of Massive Change Network Bruce mauHe publishes a book called MC24. In his book, he applies his own design principles and a new life-centered approach to dealing with the sequence of simultaneous crises that he calls Cluster. Pandemic crisis, racial and social justice crisis, climate crisis, food insecurity crisis and management crisis. Mau said that all these global challenges are interrelated and their origins are fundamental. empathy He maintains that it is caused by the fault.

Empathy is what the world needs

In the first paragraph of his book, he says, “Everything we do practically needs to change today. We continue to pretend to be nature and as if we have unlimited resources. We act as if our waste is not a problem. Paradoxically for nature, we use it both as a basement and as a toilet. We think short term and consume as if there is no tomorrow and leave the bill to future generations. We keep unresolved problems out of sight. The solutions we create lead to bigger problems instead of fixing things. Everything must change right now. “

Bruce Mau says that there are currently 7.9 billion people in the world, and by the middle of this century this number will increase to 10 billion. He states that this increase is not due to developed countries, but to the birth rate in underdeveloped countries. It is a success that we continue to multiply as a human being, but this success brings many problems. Because our planet and our planet’s resources are not being used in a way that can make this problem of success gratuitous. At this point, Mau emphasizes that the only solution to this is empathy and empathy-based design. According to Mau, design can create a methodology to care first for citizens, then communities, and finally ecology. And with this method the crises and problems mentioned can be overcome.


Rather than a human-centered design that the world needs, it is a life-centered design and approach. The life mentioned here is not the life of any of us, but a collective fabric where everything interacts with each other. A complex network in which all living things are interconnected. This perspective is quite different from human-centered design, and the key to this perspective is empathy. It is not only the empathy of the human being with the human being, but an empathy that the human establishes with all living creatures and with life. It is not an empathy that consists of putting ourselves in the shoes of another living being, but an empathy that will push us to think and act as one and as a whole.

bruce mau

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